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Shooting the Stars

Photo Workshop


Group Classes



This is the workshop for those who want to learn the art of night photography.  

Discover how much light can really be captured by your camera with simple techniques.  

We'll practice photographing the stars and also touch on light painting and the basics of timelapse photography.




Tripod - a sturdy tripod is essential to night photography.  Ideally find one that does not have the legs braced, allowing the legs to move independently. Having a rotating and tilting tripod head is also a must.

Remote Shutter Release - this can be a wireless accessory or one you plug into your camera.  Essential for taking long exposures beyond 30 seconds.

Seating - Night photography involves a lot of waiting and watching the stars, so bring a camp chair or any portable, comfortable seating to enjoy the experience.

Warm Clothing - Colorado nights get chilly, so please bring/wear warm clothes, gloves, a hat, or whatever else keeps you cozy.

Snacks - Because who doesn't love snacks?



Tuition includes:

• All photography instruction, excursions, lectures and critiques.

• Workshop Quickguide with useful shooting tips and camera settings.



10% discount for attendees of any previous David Lynn Photography class.



Full payment will be billed online


David Lynn Photography reserves the right to cancel and reschedule a workshop for any reason, including, but not limited to: insufficient attendee booking, instructor illness, inclement weather, and random acts of nature. In the event of a workshop cancellation, David Lynn Photography will refund all payments made, and thereby be released of any cancellation liability.


A minimum of 3 attendees are required for this workshop trip to remain scheduled.  If less than 3 people register for the workshop, the workshop may be rescheduled.  In this event all deposits and payments will be refunded, or payments can be saved as a credit to use towards a different or rescheduled workshop.



Workshop guests are required to sign a waiver of liability releasing David Lynn Photography from any damage & personal injury liability while participating in the workshop.



David Lynn Photography reserves the right to photograph and/or film the workshop events, its participants, and locations, and use the material for marketing and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, social media, websites, and blogs.

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